Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


27 October 2021
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During the meeting of the Contact Group in its political bloc, the OSCE Coordinator noted the symbolism of today's discussion.

Mr. Kinnunen recalled that tomorrow it will be one year since the Contact Group submitted an order to develop a consolidated Roadmap draft. He proposed to "mark the event" by excluding this issue from the current agenda.

Such a proposal, especially from the OSCE Coordinator, is absolutely unacceptable. If the order is not fulfilled, this does not mean that it is no longer relevant. Initiatives of this kind only play up to the Ukrainian side, which is to blame for the failure to fulfill its obligations to work on the Roadmap.

Kiev’s representatives of are ready to do anything to exclude the possibility of substantive work on this document. It got to the point that they openly demonstrate their ignorance, asking questions in the style of "what is included to the concept of the Minsk agreements." It should be emphasized that this issue has already been raised at two meetings of the Contact Group in a row.

In the current circumstances, it would be more logical to "celebrate the anniversary" by holding special courses for the Ukrainian delegation on the topic: "The Minsk agreements, their essence and content." Perhaps these educational events will help the Ukrainian side to gain a clear understanding of what the Minsk agreements are and to begin their direct implementation in cooperation with the Republics.

Vladislav Moskovsky, press-secretary of the DPR delegation in the Contact Group