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Donetsk People's Republic

Vladislav Moskovsky told about the results of the Contact Group sitting

21 January 2021
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The first sitting of the Contact Group in 2021 began with some pretty revealing statements. OSCE Coordinator Mrs. H. Grau expressed her opinion that most of the information on the Minsk process covered in the media "is rude and vulgar. It is unacceptable." Such statements by the OSCE coordinator are relevant in the context of the opuses of certain Kiev’s persons not in order to convey objective information about the progress and results, but in order to “grab the agenda and smoke bamboo”. 

The discussion of security issues within the Contact Group included a wide range of aspects. The DPR Plenipotentiary drew special attention to the fact that measures to control and strengthen the ceasefire regime by Ukraine are not being observed. In this regard, Nikonorova once again put forward a proposal for an agreement to give instructions at the level of the Contact Group to the security group in terms of updating and detailing measures to control and strengthen the ceasefire. Including the measure on the mechanism of verification and response to violations of the ceasefire regime as fundamental. 

However, there was no reaction to this absolutely obvious and necessary call from the Ukrainian negotiators. This is especially surprising, since today the head of the Ukrainian delegation personally confirmed that the ceasefire is not being observed, and the new OSCE chairperson, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, has already become convinced of this. This statement is of a special significance in the context of today's shelling by the armed formations of Ukraine in the village of Staromikhaylovka.

 As for the situation with a political settlement, Kiev has traditionally been inconsistent on this issue. Mr. Kravchuk states that the Roadmap should be based on the Minsk documents. However, things are still unchangeable - Ukraine has not corrected the inconsistency of its version of the Roadmap with the Package of Measures, nor has it given a response to our document, although representatives of the Republics have repeatedly called for both the first and the second step. 

At today's meeting of the Contact Group regarding issues related to the humanitarian agenda, Mr. Kravchuk had the opportunity to discuss with us directly his proposal, which was made in the media, to transfer 11 detainees to us. However, no such ideas were voiced on his part. So, we draw a conclusion that suggests itself: the boldness of his statements is limited only by the media space.